All of the best to increase the wellness of the mature generation seeking to be healthy! We have added Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Polycosanol, , CO-Q 10, Lycopene, and vitamin B12 along with glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate. Still we're low in carbs as well as calories while using natural sweeteners Stevia and Lo Han.

“I use a scoop of AOplus every day in the morning and I’m in the greatest shape I’ve ever been in.  It really works!  If you are into taking care of yourself, I endorse this.”

Barry Krauss

Former NFL Linebacker

Colts & Dolphins


AOplus is a vitamin supplement full of antioxidants to help provide for your wellness and improve your health.  The drink is low in carbs and calories, has a citrus flavor, is easy to make, and affordable. Best of all, there are no pills to swallow.  

Antioxidants have been proven to be effective against the damaging effects of free radical molecules caused by toxins and poor nutritional habits. Up to sixty major diseases – including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and degenerative conditions of the eye – have been linked to free radicals. Each glass of AOplus contains the “Big Four” antioxidants (Vitamin C & E, Beta Carotene and Selenium) plus Folic Acid, Chromium and other important minerals that are synergistically blended to help strengthen your immune system and help fight disease and illness.


For more information see this article from WebMD on Antioxidants.


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